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Jose Carlos Blanco Martinez


He was born in Madrid in 1978.
He studied dance at the Víctor Ullate school, and at sixteen joined the Víctor Ullate Company where he was named first soloist dancer at the age of twenty.
In 2001 he joined the CND (National Dance Company), under the direction of Nacho Duato, where he worked with great choreographers such as W. Forsythe, J. Kylian, M. Ek, O. Naharin, J. Godani, O. Anderson and of course Nacho Duato with whom he collaborated in numerous creations.
In 2005 he was named principal dancer.

In 2010 he is appointed ballet master at the CND2 under the direction of Hervé Palito.
The following year he joined the artistic staff of the main Company (CND) , under the direction of José Carlos Martínez.

In 2014 he was appointed Artistic Coordinator of the “Somos Arte” gala held annually in Valencia.
Since February 2015, he works as Freelance Teacher teaching classes, workshops, by Nacho Duato, Gentian Doda, Yoko Taira, Toni Fabre, Juanjo Arqués and Alejandro Cerrudo among others; In addition to participating in different projects.

He has participated in galas with dancers such as Alicia Amatriain, Daria Klimentova, Friedemann Vogel, Jason Reily, Elisa Badenes, Tamako Akiyama, Ana Laguna, Trinidad Sevillano, among many others.
In 2017, he was appointed official assistant-rehearsal master of the choreographer Juanjo Arques.

Paralelamente a su carrera de baile, desde 2008 Carmen ha sido profesora invitada en diferentes escuelas e instituciones de toda Europa. Ha sido profesora invitada de ballet en Theater Kiel, Ballett Nordhausen, Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, Ballett Mainz, Semperoper Ballet, Landestheater Eisenach, Ballet im Revier (Gelsenkirchen), Ballett Rosa, Ballett Schwerin, Theater Wiesbaden, Ballett Staatsthea Escuela de Ballet Wong Hong Kong International Summer Dance School (ISDS 2014-15-16) y Moderador y Jurado para Floor on Fire – Battle of Styles (Hellerau-European Center for Arts, Dresde).
   Ha trabajado con coreógrafos como William Forsythe, Justin Peck, Johan Inger y asistentes coreográficos como Katherine Bennetts, Merrill Ashley, Stacey Cadell, Christopher Carr, Anthony Dowell, Jeanette Delgado, Patricia Delgado, Nanette Gloushak, Urtzi Aranburu, Rebecca Gladstone entre otros.

       Se unió al Birmingham Royal Ballet en 2021, bajo la dirección de Carlos Acosta.

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