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Space that we reserve for any student who stands out for his attitude, his work, or for any achievement that deserves to be shared with others.


Ommaira Kanga Perez

My training as a ballet dancer began at a very young age.

From a small school in San Lorenzo de el Escorial I managed to enter a dance conservatory in Madrid and later I even studied ballet abroad.

With all this journey and experience, I was almost 20 years old, it was not until I arrived at the Carmina Ocaña and Pablo Savoye Ballet School that I really learned to work intelligently and appropriately for my body.

In this school a very personalized and optimal education is received for each student.


Photo: Lisa Stonehouse

We all have very different bodies and with a good job we can all achieve the lines, strength, control, flexibility and coordination necessary to get to work in a professional ballet company; Of course, the right tools are needed for this, and Carmina and Pablo's school is where I found them.

My personal career was very long and hard until I got to work at the Northern Ballet.

On many occasions I thought that I would never achieve my dream, because I did not have the proper body and was quite old and I would not have been able to achieve it if I had not worked with these two great teachers. They motivated me and helped me psychologically and physically so that I could achieve it, improving my weak points and refining my virtues.

With a dance style that stays current and brings together the keys to give you brilliant classical technique, I don't think there is a better place to learn classical ballet.


Since 2017, Ommaira has been a dancer at the Northern Ballet Theater , UK

foto Ommaira.jpg

Photo: Jesús Vallinas

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