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1. Initiation: Learning the fundamental basis of the Classic Ballet: placement, musicality, and use of space. From 7 years of age, or depending on the level of the student.


2. Intermediate: Strengthening the academic base and expanding vocabulary. Sometimes it is combined with the initiation or advanced class. In female students, pointe work is usually started.

3. Advanced: Technical and artistic improvement of the student. Sometimes it is combined with the intermediate or professional class. At this level, the study of variations of classical repertoire is usually initiated.


4. Professional: Exclusively in the morning, it is a very advanced class that not only students from the center attend but also professional dancers, so the pace is lighter and its duration is longer.

5. Pointe: The pointe work is divided into three levels, intermediate, advanced and professional; each of them independent but compatible with each other.


6. Repertoire: Study of extracts of some of the most important ballets of the international repertoire. During the academic year, it is only taught at professional levels. The work of solos and group parts is sometimes presented on stage, in the collaborations that the School carries out with other public and private centers.


7. Boys class: Focused on male students of higher levels, to work the acrobatic technique and enhance their own characteristics.

BOURNONVILLE STYLE: Some classes are focused on learning the Danish style of August Bournonville, which is part of the base of the pedagogical system taught at the School.

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