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Who are we.

The Carmina Ocaña and Pablo Savoye Ballet School is the only one in Madrid specialized in the teaching of the Classic Ballet since its founding in 1968, and in it dancers have been formed that are part of the best dance companies in the world. Being the Classical Ballet the essential basis for learning any technique, not only among its students are  purely classical dancers, but also interpreters of Spanish, Contemporary, Neoclassical Dance ... or even dance students who consider fundamental in their training the establishment of the Classical Academic Technique.

For Carmina Ocaña, everyone has the right to receive the best classes, so the School is open to all types of public who want to receive a quality education, no matter what their level, age or professional aspiration. The teaching philosophy of the School not only implies academic learning, but students receive information on companies, choreographers, etc ... so that they are perfectly integrated and aware of auditions, shows and everything that may be of personal or professional interest.

For younger students or those who do not reside in their homes because they are from outside Madrid, there is permanent contact with both their families and their teachers of origin, so that they can keep track of their evolution. In addition, they are insisted on the need to continue their academic studies outside the Dance, to achieve a complete formation of the individual before they leave the School.

The level that corresponds to each student is determined by the teaching they have received before they arrive at the School, and by their physical and psychological characteristics, never by the time they have studied or that they have remained in a certain class. All level changes are subject to the decision of the teacher and to the consultation of the parents, in the case of minors.

And I want to add that the rigorous teaching of the Classical Ballet, in any case, is not incompatible with a relaxed and friendly environment, and that in this School, in addition to learning dance, you learn to enjoy it as an interpreter and as a spectator, and to grow as an individual and human being


Pablo Savoye



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